Zephyr 2.0, an Innovative Test Management System

Zephyr 2.0 is a flexible and affordable test management tool, which features like customized desktops, live and automated dashboard, instant collaboration and real time reporting. On top of being a QA test planning, management and reporting tool, Zephyr 2.0 acts as a bridge between test management system and issue tracking software. By partnering with Atlassian, who has created a niche in the area of automated issue tracking, Zephyr 2.0 now comes tightly integrated with JIRA and also Bugzilla, making it more powerful than the original.

The global economic meltdown has forced several companies to cut down their cost and test management systems and tools. But Zephyr 2.0 stands tall, as it’s quite inexpensive; thanks to the SaaS (Software as a Service) model option, where you need to make a monthly payment of only $65. This means, paying only for those services that you want. Its flexible licensing allows you to ramp up one month and ramp down another according to your needs.

Zephyr 2.0 is not only easy to buy but also to deploy and use. You can either opt for the On-premise model or for the Amazon Cloud model. And with the ‘Zephyr KickStart’ program you will not only get a test management system that suits your environment but also have your entire testing team trained in a matter of two days. Zephyr 2.0 provides a simple way for organizations to quickly get a handle on their in-house and outsourced testing activities as it enables IT management and testing teams to collaborate seamlessly across time zones.

Zephyr 2.0 helps organizations gain real-time testing status, so managers can make informed decisions about shipping their products. Its ability to track the amount of effort required for manual testing and also for automation helps them to take relevant business decisions. Zephyr 2.0 allows interoperability with commercial, open-source or homegrown test automation tools, thus it allows companies to leverage on their existing investments on testing infrastructure. The ‘Zbots’ in Zephyr 2.0 allow testers to execute automated test scripts thus making it quite easy to track and report on testing. Thus, bug tracking and testing management gets done easier than before with Zephyr 2.0.

In short, Zephyr 2.0 with its two-way integration to JIRA and Bugzilla is worth the money spent as it gets you the benefits of three systems for the price of one. The QA team also benefits from other features like live tracking, rich UI, SOA, and White Labeling and so on. Moreover, this easy-to-use, low cost test management system is apt for the current economic scenario. Thus, Zephyr 2.0 makes for a good investment as you can improve productivity by spending less money, time and effort.

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