Dangers of Adding fields to Database Tables

There are certain dangers if you don't plan carefully before adding fields to your database. Though, it seems obvious but its not as simple as you might think. If you don't plan properly you may miss …


Linux v/s Windows: Linux is Winning

User community is slowly loosing its faith in Windows. Windows XP wins the heart of many people but Microsoft's other products in OS range aren't doing that well. Windows 7 is a buzz these days but ma…

Creating Image Map using CSS

Creating Image Map using CSS

Image Map is used to present your pictures in much user friendly nature. They are great to present something to end users. Though, the rise of Flash has decreased the use of Image Maps but still there…


How to Create Daemons in PHP

Developers are using PHP to create websites or web applications but very few developers are creating desktop applications or command line tools using PHP. There is a class System_Deamon, which can be …

Microformats in Sementic Web

What are Microformats?cheap jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys Microformats are a way of adding simple markup to human-readable data items such as events, contact details or location…

10 PHP Tips to Improve Coding

10 PHP Tips to Improve Coding. PHP has seen a tremendous rise and support from the developer community and has become most popular programming language for the Web applications. Many popular websites …