Google App Engine Got Boost from Java


Google App Engine got a new boost from Java. Previously, developers were stuck into Python code and they were forced to use Python to work on Google App Engine. Many devevelopers requested that it should support Java programs. Python is a favoured language at Google labs but not so much popular elsewhere so it was frustrating for the developer community to learn Python then scale their applications and work on App Engine. Now, google has announced Java Support on Google App Engine’s first birthday and the move was welcomed by the community.

Although, the Google App Engine is still free but if you are looking for a large web site or web application then you have to pay for it. Best thing about Google App is the servers, having said that they runs on the same sort of servers and technologies which Google implies for their own use, which makes it favourite for those who don’t wish to spend heavily on server stuff.

This time they emphasized that they are looking more towards cloud computing where you are not limited to use yoru corporate servers or your desktop but the applications will be internet accessible services, this also includes raw computing services.

Not only Java but Google also announced other useful features like Campfire one event for developers at its headquarters in the US. Surely, they want Google App Engine to reach the mainstream and they are looking serious with their efforts.

Cloud computing is advocated by Google which Microsoft is also thinking about will help applications to levarage internet accessible services but it will also come with several problems like:

  • Primitive user interfaces
  • Long waits for services to respond
  • Problems when the network is down or unavailable

On the other hand In-house computing isn’t full proof but you aren’t limited to other company to fix the problems rather than your resources working on your problem. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

There are various other features also revealed which are quite useful like:

  • Secure Data Connector: App Engine can incorporate private data stored servers behind company firewalls.
  • Cron Support: This will help developers to run something in background
  • Import and Export: There are better tools to import and export data, its become easier to move conventional data to app engine.

These are quite handy tools which were eagerly waited. App Engine stores data with Google’s BigTable technology rather than the conventional SQL databases, programmers will have to use newer interfaces such as Java Data Objects (JDO) or the Java Persistence API (JPA) rather than the older Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) standard.

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