Buzz about PHP Frameworks

Recently, i have seen a buzz about various frameworks available for PHP. If you have not used a framework and planning to use one, step back, first evaluate your requirements. All frameworks despite being promoted as a rapid application development tool, consider the learning curve that may take place. Learning curve varies for each application framework. If you are doing a one off application, it will be better to do a customize application on your own. You may be able to produce a workable, efficient and lean application faster than when using a framework. If however, your requirement is using this application every in every project that you will be engaging into, then fine, go to frameworks and it will save you development in the long term.

Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of the PHP programming language) is actually against using frameworks in his blog, The-no-framework-PHP-MVC-framework. Rasmus quoted in his blog "…I just happen find most of them too complex for my needs and this is a proposed alternative…". Even Rasmus accepts that fact that frameworks are too complex and argued that the same could be achieved in PHP without using additional external layers. Rasmus provided an example using Yahoo! Application.

Manuel Lemos (PHP Classes) in his blog, Recommended PHP Frameworks (Recommended-PHP-frameworks) provided an advice on what criteria is relevant when choosing a framework that addresses the needs of each PHP developer. He also explained why certain frameworks seem very popular while others are not getting as much attention as their developers hoped. Finally, Manuel Lemos mentioned a long list of packages and tools that make up the framework that is used to implement the PHPClasses site.

Frameworks are always considered as rapid application development tools which make frameworks very appealing at the first instance. However, as Rasmus said in his blog, nobody will build your application for you no matter what the framework promises. Instead you might end up fixing mistakes for the framework instead of spending your time building a lean and reusable pattern that fits your requirements directly.

Here is the list of various PHP Frameworks (All are suitable for particular need but none is viable for all situations)

1. PHP on Trax Strictly follows Ruby on Rails syntax and functionality but written in php5. Originally called PHP on Rails.
2. Agavi an open-source, LGPL licensed MVC framework for creating applications written using PHP5.
3. Akelos PHP Framework a Ruby on Rails port to PHP4/5.
4. BareBonesMVC A one-file, no-configuration, MVC framework for PHP5.
5. CakePHP webapplication framework modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails.
6. CodeIgniter A PHP MVC framework.
7. DragonPHP MVC2 Framework for PHP 5.
8. Fusebox Framework for building ColdFusion and PHP web applications.
9. FUSE A powerful but easy-to-use PHP 5 Framework for MVC development
10. KohanaPHP A powerful, lightweight, easily extendable PHP 5 MVC Framework.
11. LightVC Lightweight PHP 5 Strict MVC Framework with decoupling of Model and other non-View-Controller essentials to promote code reuse.
12. Odin Assemble Small footprint PHP based MVC Framework.
13. phpHtmlLib MVC based OO framework compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 licensed under GNU LGPL.
14. phpXCore A MVC design pattern based PHP content management framework compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.
15. PRADO A PHP 5 MVC framework.
16. SilverStripe contains a fully fledged PHP 5.2 ORM/MVC Framework focused on building websites.
17. Solar PHP 5 framework Solar is a PHP 5 framework for rapid application development. It is fully name-spaced and uses enterprise application design patterns, with built-in support for localization and configuration at all levels.
18. OnPHP onPHP is the mature GPL’ed multi-purpose object-oriented PHP framework (plus c-module)
19. Switch board with Routing PHP 5 MVC Framework with Routing.
20. Symfony Framework PHP 5 MVC Framework.
21. TinyMVC Framework Framework Simple and lightweight PHP5 MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework.
22. TYPO3 extension library lib/div PHP 4/5 MVC framework for TYPO3 extension development
23. Qcodo is an open-source PHP 5 web application framework
24. Zend Framework A PHP 5-based MVC framework.
25. ZNF PHP5 MVC framework for enterprise web applications
26.Zoop Framework A Mature PHP 4/5 MVC framework.

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