14 AJAX, JavaScript & DHTML Datagrids

When we have to present our data in a systematic fashion we have to exhibit in Datagrid style. Table is an ideal example of a well-structured data presentation, which is easy to evaluate and easy to handle. Used for its original purpose – to present data, not to style it -, it can convey ideas effectively. And this is what most of us are actually trying to achieve in the Web.

Furthermore, the user experience can be immensely improved with optional functionalities – such as sorting, filtering and fast editing.

Following are 14 most popular AJAX, JavaScript & DHTML Datagrids which you can use in your application. Please check the user agreement before you download and use them in your application.

  1. ExtJs Grid with Expander Rows, Collapse and Force Fit, Framed with Checkbox Selection and Horizontal Scrolling as well as standard Panel features such as framing, buttons and toolbars. ExtJs Grid
  2. dhtmlxGrid shows flexible and solid structure and can be presented in a variety of ways. Numerous skins are available; also complex, paginated table structures can be easily created. The scripts are released under the GPL; support costs money. Dhtmlxgrid
  3. Phatfusion Sortable sorts the columns in a table and filters its elements. Phatfusion Grid
  4. Mootable Sorting. Shows an example that highlights the table row and column of the cell you are hovering over. Mootable Grid
  5. Elite Zebra Tables – Zebra tables with sorting functionalities. Elite Zebra Tables
  6. 6. PHP Live Datagrid, based upon the XAJAX Library. Can be used for large databases, as shown in example containing over 500 pages. The table is paginated and can be browsed from page to page. XAJAX Grid
  7. Table Kit is based upon the Prototype Framework. The columns can be sorted, selected and the rows can be scaled. A tutorial related to table sorting ith Prototype is also provided. Table Kit Grid
  8. How to paginate, sort and search a table with Ajax and Rails. A comprehensive tutorial explains the basis of sortable tables with Ruby on Rails. Screenshot
  9. Unobtrusive Table Sort Script. Screenshot
  10. Yahoo UI Library’s DataTables. Various examples with various demos in a brief overview. The scripts aren’t necessarily visually appealing, however they deliver some functionalities one won’t find in similar scripts. The example shown below has sorting and editing functionality. Yahoo UI Grid
  11. Standardista Table Sorting Standardista Table Sorting
  12. Sortable Tables by WebFX. Webfx Grid
  13. SortedTable SortedTable
  14. Mootols Table Row & Column Highlighting. Shows an example that highlights the table row and column of the cell you are hovering over.Screenshot

The following scripts offer many features you may like to use in your application. Just give them a try and you may like them.

Courtesy : Smashingmagazine.com

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